• (L>R)
  • Fumiya Takemura (Gt)
  • Kosei Ueno (Ba)
  • Kengo Kakudate (Gt.Vo)
  • Tetsushi Kasuya (Dr)

2013年に活動開始。2014年4月にデビューe.p.『CLIMAX NIGHT e.p.』をリリース。その後『FUJI ROCK FESTIV AL』《Rookie A GoGo》に出演。

9月には1st Album『PARAISO』をリリースし、年間ベストディスクとして各メディアで多く取り上げられる。

これまでに国内の多くのフェス、上海、北京や台北、ソウル、バンコク、香港などアジア各国でのツアーの成功など、海外での活動も広がる中、2019年3月に3rdアルバム「BLUEHARLEM」をリリースし、全国14公演に及ぶワンマンツアー「TOUR BLUEHARLEM 2019」、更に中国主要7都市を含む全10都市に及ぶアジアツアーを開催。

2019年12月4日に自身初のドラマタイアップ(テレビ東京系ドラマ25「ひとりキャンプで食って寝る」主題歌)となった「to the moon」を収録した4th e.p.「to the MOON e.p.」を発売。

2020年7月12日に最新曲「White Lily Light」をデジタルリリース。


Yogee New Waves are Japanese rock quartet formed in 2013.

Debut EP CLIMAX NIGHTwas released nationwide in April 2014.

Later that year, the band performed at the highflyingFUJI ROCK FESTIVAL』《Rookie A GoGoStage followed by the release of their first albumPARAISOwhich was nominated as the Best Disk of the Year by the Media.

In February 2015, they have released their single Fantasic Showon 7 vinyl and soon after graced the public with yet another delightful second EP SUNSET TOWN.

After the departure of Yazawa (ex. ba) in early 2017, the band released their second full album WAVESwhich was also nominated in 2018 First Half CD Shop Awards.

Since then, the band has completed 8-city sold out tour and has been Performing in numerous large scale festivals across the nation.

The band released major debut their 3rd EPSPRING CAVEon March 2018 and has completed 11-city release Asia tour.

They have released CAN YOU FEEL ITby digital distribution for the song of advertising campaign POCARI SWEAT × FES 2018 on July 2018, and they have completed 8-city release tour. In March 2019,

they have released their 3rd albumBLUEHARLEMand they have completed 14-city release tour.

The band is currently expecting to set to embark on 8-city release Asia tour.